Kitchen Independent - Ghost Kitchen

Kitchen Independent is an Independent Chef Cooperative dedicated to offer a collaborative space for professionals chefs with a passion for exploring their craft.
With the changing landscape of the restaurant industry it has been imperative that we see our cooks, service staff, bartenders and more begin to seek out a gig based economy. We aim to offer opportunity to a roster of Independent Chefs to offer family meals, delivery, catering, meal prep, and more. Our kitchen is under construction and we hope to be turning out plates within the coming months.
Kitchen Independent Catering
This means that we'll be able to offer exclusive catering opportunities for Weddings, Special Events, Meal Prep, Family Meals and more. 
As our Ghost Kitchen is in development this summer, we are now booking Fall Wedding and Corporate Event Caterings. You can secure your dates now and make 4 equal payments over the summer! 
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