13 Designs - Collaborate with Kalypso Couture

We want to design 13 New Bespoke Suits for the month of October. We want to give them away! To do this, we are recruiting ambassadors who can refer business to Kalypso Couture. After five of your referrals purchase our bespoke suits, you will have earned one of the 13 New Designs by Kalypso Couture. That means you will have the opportunity to collaborate with our principal designer, Michael Armanno, and create a new look for our Winter Collection. 


Other offers apply for referring business, such as bespoke custom shirts, handcrafted ties and pocket squares, accessories, and more! 

Want to become the latest collaborator with Kalypso Couture? Apply below! 

Please leave a message regarding your inquiry with us! Please include "Collaborate" in the message section.