A Legend is Born

Mikey’s Flamingo Ranch is the story of one man’s burning passion for that Queen of Birds, the flamingo. In 2010, Mikey J. saw his first flock of flamingos in the wild, and a fire was ignited. Since that day, he has devoted countless hours to the appreciation and promotion of flamingos across the nation. Starting with just one lucky bird (his life partner, Chevròn) Mikey’s flock grew in the wilds of southwestern Indiana, before migrating south to Jacksonville, Florida. Mikey’s Flamingo Ranch has been a hot-spot for birds of a feather ever since. At the world’s premier flamingo haven, flamingos of all persuasions light up (with joy), get down (and boogie), float shrimp and just hang out sometimes. We’re thrilled to share a taste of the Ranch with you in this sweltering selection of sauces. Each flaming flavour is inspired by the antics of Mikey’s flamingo friends! So squirt some on your favourite food, close your eyes, open your mouth, and get ready for a whole flock of flavour to take you on a flamingo ride!

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